Say No to Speed

When you limit Speed, Adventure happens


Event Date
December 16

Entry Fee
(4 people)
INR 9,000

What do You Need For A Rally?

Characteristics of TSD Rally

  • A typical TSD rally may run for a few hours or it may run over a series of stages over a few days. At the start, competitors are usually briefed about the event and may be required to submit their cars for inspection.
  • Each team is given a route schedule prior to departure.
  • This schedule contains information that the navigator will use to try to keep to the specified route and it contains information about the designated speeds and times for each segment of the route.
  • On some rallies, more than one type of schedule may be prepared for different types of competitors.
  • Once a team is prepared, they will usually start the rally at a specific time unique to them.
  • Along the route, the team will encounter marshals. The position of the marshals is usually not known to the teams.
  • The time at which the team arrives at each marshal is recorded and used in the scoring.
  • In some cases the marshals are hidden from view.
  • Teams may also encounter open sections where they are guaranteed not to encounter marshals and are not subject to any time penalties.

Documents to Download


Documents Required & Safety Instructions

FMSCI License

Application Form

Supplementary Regulations

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Entry fee 9000

Dreamz Studio Bank Account Details

Bank : Indusind Bank Limited

Account Number : 201000646487

Name : Dreamz Studio

Branch : Somajiguda Branch

IFSC Code: INDB0000320